Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Magazine

I've always enjoyed the monthly Paper Crafts Magazine - I even have a subscription. It's my favourite card making magazine.

When they put out a special issue, I usually buy that too.

The 75 Creative Card Challenges Issue, is a particular favourite one of mine, since it has (as the name states) 75 different challenges and 293 different examples.  WOW!

So I decided I wanted to try ALL the challenges.  I wrote them all out and cut them up in strips.  After putting them in a jar, I will pick out a challenge and do them one at a time giving myself a week to do each of the cards. Once I've completed a card, even if the week isn't up, I will pick another one right away.

Since the winter months are upon us and I do NOT like going out in the cold, I have already done up more than THIRTY of the cards. (I know....I don't have a life - LOL!)

So I will posting all the cards I have already done and then will continue posting each of the cards as they are completed until all 75 challenges are done.

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